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Real-time and quantitative fluorescent live-cell imaging with quadruplex-specific red-edge probe (G4-REP) 2017 Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - General Subjects  Yang S.Y., Amor S., Laguerre A., Wong J.M.Y., Monchaud D.
Selective luminescent labeling of DNA and RNA quadruplexes by ?-extended ruthenium light-up probes 2017 Chemistry  Saadallah D., Moucheron C., Bellakhal M., Amor S., Lefebvre J.-F., Chavarot-Kerlidou M., Baussanne Isabelle D., Demeunynck M., Monchaud D.
Molecular imaging in oncology drug development 2017 Drug Discovery Today  Mudd S.R., Comley R.A., Bergstrom M., Holen K.D., Luo Y., Carme S., Fox G.B., Martarello L., Beaver J.D.
Diastereoselective synthesis of dialkylated bis(phosphino)ferrocenes: their use in promoting silver-mediated nucleophilic fluorination of chloroquinolines 2017 European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry  Roger J., Royer S., Cattey H., Savateev A., Smaliy R.V., Kostyuk A.N., Hierso J.-C.
Gallium(III) and indium(III) complexes with meso-monophosphorylated porphyrins: synthesis and structure. A first example of dimers formed by self-assembling of meso-porphyrinyl-phosphon ic acid monoester 2017 Inorganic Chemistry  Enakieva Y.Y., Volostnykh M.V., Nefedov S.E., Kirakosyan G.A., Gorbunova Y.G., Tsivadze A.Y., Bessmertnykh A., Stern C., Guilard R.
The G-quadruplex-specific RNA helicase DHX36 regulates p53 Pre-mRNA 3?-end processing following UV-induced DNA damage 2017 Journal of Molecular Biology  Newman M., Sfaxi R., Saha A., Monchaud D., Teulade-Fichou M.-P., Vagner S.
A quantum chemistry evaluation of the stereochemical activity of the lone pair in Pb(II) complexes with sequestering ligands 2017 Journal of Molecular Modeling  Moncomble A., Cornard J.-P., Meyer M.
Direct writing on copper ion doped silica films by electrogeneration of metallic microstructures 2017 Journal of Physical Chemistry C  Kandory A., Cattey H., Saviot L., Gharbi T., Vigneron J., Fregnaux M., Etcheberry A., Herlem G.
Experimental and theoretical studies on electropolymerization of polar amino acids on platinum electrode 2017 Materials Chemistry and Physics  Alhedabi T., Cattey H., Roussel C., Blondeau-Patissier V., Gharbi T., Herlem G.
Structure-guided optimization of quinoline inhibitors of Plasmodium N- myristoyltransferase 2017 MedChemComm  Goncalves V., Brannigan J.A., Laporte A., Bell A.S., Roberts S.M., Wilkinson A.J., Leatherbarrow R.J., Tate E.W.
Synthesis of isoxazole and 1,2,3-triazole isoindole derivatives via silver- and copper-catalyzed 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reactions 2017 Molecules  Rammah M.M., Gati W., Mtiraoui H., Rammah M.E.B., Ciamala K., Knorr M., Rousselin Y., Kubicki M.M.
Design of new sensitive ?,?-unsaturated carbonyl 1,8-naphtalimide fluorescent probes for thiol bioimaging 2017 Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical  Sok N., Nikolantonaki M., Guyot S., Nguyen T.D., Viaux A.-S., Bagala F., Rousselin Y., Husson F., Gougeon R., Saurel R.
La Chimie en PACES. Rappels de cours et QCM type concours 2016   Gros C.P., Desbois N., Masson B.i.
Fluorogenic?/fluorescent probes derivative from sulfoxanthene for detection of enzymes and reaction medium for detection of microorganisms 2016   Orenga S., Chalansonnet V., Chevalier A., Renard P.-Y., Romieu A., Roubinet B.
Crystal structure of 4,4-dibromo-1-(3,4-dimeth oxyphenyl)-2-azabuta-1,3- diene-1-carbonitrile 2016 Acta Crystallographica Section E: Crystallographic Communications  Chaabene M., Khatyr A., Knorr M., Askri M., Rousselin Y., Kubicki M.M.
Crystal structure of bis(2-methyl-1H-imidazol- 3-ium) dihydroxidobis(oxalato-?2 O1,O2)stannate(IV) monohydrate 2016 Acta Crystallographica, Section E: Crystallographic Communications  Diop M.B., Diop L., Plasseraud L., Maris T.
Crystal structure of 2-methyl-1H-imidazol-3-iu m hydrogen oxalate dihydrate 2016 Acta Crystallographica, Section E: Structure Reports Online  Diop M.B., Diop L., Plasseraud L., Cattey H.
Thin-film transistors: two-step solution-processed two-component bilayer phthalocyaninato copper-based heterojunctions with interesting ambipolar organic transiting and ethanol-sensing properties 2016 Advanced Materials Interfaces  Wu Y., Ma P., Wu N., Kong X., Bouvet M., Li X., Chen Y., Jiang J.
Two-step solution-processed two-component bilayer phthalocyaninato copper-based heterojunctions with interesting ambipolar organic transiting and ethanol-sensing properties 2016 Advanced Materials Interfaces  Wu Y., Ma P., Wu N., Kong X., Bouvet M., Li X., Chen Y., Jiang J.
Development of trackable anticancer agents based on metal complexes 2016 Advances in Inorganic Chemistry  Bodio E., Le Gendre P., Denat F., Goze C.
A metal-responsive interdigitated bilayer for selective quantification of mercury(ii) traces by surface plasmon resonance 2016 Analyst  Ermakova E., Raitman O., Shokurov A., Kalinina M., Selector S., Tsivadze A., Arslanov V., Meyer M., Bessmertnykh-Lemeune A., Guilard R.
Ortho-functionalized aryltetrazines by direct palladium-catalyzed C-H halogenation: application to fast electrophilic fluorination reactions 2016 Angewandte Chemie, International Edition  Testa C., Gigot E., Genc S., Decreau R., Roger J., Hierso J.-C.
AMD3100: a versatile platform for CXCR4 targeting 68Ga-based radiopharmaceuticals 2016 Bioconjugate Chemistry  Poty S., Gourni E., Désogère P., Boschetti F., Goze C., Maecke H.R., Denat F.
2,3-Dihydrobenzofuran privileged structures as new bioinspired lead compounds for the design of mPGES-1 inhibitors 2016 Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry  Di Micco S., Riccio R., Spatafora C., Cardullo N., Tringali C., Fischer K., Pergola C., Koeberle A., Werz O., Chalal M., Vervandier-Fasseur D., Bifulco G.
Carbon nanotube ? protamine hybrid: evaluation of DNA cell penetration 2016 Carbon  Caoduro C., Kacem R., Boukari K., Picaud F., Brachais C.-H., Monchaud D., Borg C., Boulahdour H., Gharbi T., Delage-Mourroux R., Hervouet E., Pudlo M.
Blending Quadruplexes and Bordeaux: A Grand Cru! 2016 Cell Chemical Biology  Yatsunyk Liliya A., Monchaud D., Sen D.
Electrochemical and spectroelectrochemical properties of free-base pyridyl- and N-alkyl-4-pyridylporphyri ns in nonaqueous media 2016 ChemElectroChem  Cui Y., Zeng L., Fang Y., Xu H.-J., Desbois N., Gros C.P., Zhu J., Kadish K.M.
Tuning the electrochemistry of free-base porphyrins in acidic nonaqueous media: influence of solvent, supporting electrolyte and ring substituents 2016 ChemElectroChem  Cui Y., Zeng L., Fang Y., Zhu J., Devillers C.H., Lucas D., Desbois N., Gros C.P., Kadish K.M.
Direct grafting of free-base meso-triarylporphyrins on electrode materials through diazonium reduction: reversible zinc(II) metallation of the resulting materials 2016 ChemElectroChem  Hebié S., Devillers C.H., Fournier S., Lucas D.
Generalized Nernst layer model: application to bromate anion electroreduction and theory for the stationary 1D regime of proton transport limitations 2016 ChemElectroChem  Vorotyntsev M.A., Antipov A.

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